Pitted Plaster Surfaceform

Project Spotlight: Uncommon, London with Pace Interiors

11th July 2024

Unveiling Surfaceform's Surface Finishes For Architects and Interior Designers

Unveiling Surfaceform’s Surface Finishes for Architects and Interior Designers

16th May 2024

Relief Plaster

Transform Any Space With Surfaceform Relief Plaster

15th April 2024

Acoustic Plaster

Enhancing Acoustic Comfort with BASWA Acoustic Plaster

26th March 2024

BASWA Acoustic Plaster

Unveiling Extraordinary Sound Solutions with Acoustic Plaster Panels

9th February 2024

The Artistry of Surfaceform

15th December 2023

Clay Lime Plaster

A Touch of Minimalism: Vere Dental’s Reception Transformation

10th November 2023

Surface Design Show 2023

4th January 2023

Surfaceform’s 15 New Colours

25th October 2022

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18th October 2022