A Touch of Minimalism: Vere Dental’s Reception Transformation

Vere Dental, London
Clay Lime Beige Plaster Panels & Reception Wall

When it comes to creating exceptional interior finishes, Surfaceform is no stranger to innovation and craftmanship. We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with KB Architects to bring an elegant and organic touch to the reception area of  Vere Dental.

The result was a stunning transformation that showcases the beauty of our natural Clay Lime Semi Polished Beige plaster finish.

KB Architects, renowned for their architectural expertise, had a vision to revamp Vere Dental’s reception area. They sought a design that would radiate an organic minimalism, setting the tone for a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Surfaceform, known for its commitment to craftsmanship and innovative finishes, was brought in to make this vision a reality. The choice was clear – our Clay Lime Semi Polished Beige plaster finish would set the perfect tone. 

Our Clay Lime finish is a testament to the beauty of natural materials. With its semi-polished beige hues, it exudes a sense of calm and tranquillity. This finish is all about subtle elegance, making it  the ideal choice for the feature panels in Vere Dental’s reception area.

To complement the organic minimalism of the Clay Lime finish, a striking bronze reception desk was added. The warm, metallic tones perfectly offset the serene plaster finish, creating a harmonious and inviting space.

The collaboration between Surfaceform and KB Architects led to a reception area that exudes sophistication and warmth. The Clay Lime Semi Polished Beige plaster finish, with its natural, organic appeal, now welcomes visitors and sets the stage for a positive and relaxing experience at Vere Dental.

This project showcases the magic that can happen when creativity, innovation, and craftsmanship come together. At Surfaceform, we take pride in our ability to transform spaces into something extraordinary, and the Vere Dental reception area is a testament to that commitment.

As we continue to explore the endless possibilities of design and interior finishes, we look forward to more exciting collaborations that redefine spaces and leaves a lasting impression.

Are you ready to transform your space? Contact Surfaceform, where innovation meets elegance, and let’s bring your vision to life.

Project – Vere Dental, Battersea London

Architect – KB Architects 

Clay Lime – Reception Walls & Panels  

Colour –  Beige