Relief Plaster

Surfaceform Plaster Relief is a range of high quality, artistic wall relief, seamless surface finishes, intended for internal use in commercial and domestic buildings. Combining traditional craftsmanship with the latest design and manufacturing techniques, we provide high-quality plaster surface as expected from our customers. Our imaginations are unleashed by the freedom of three dimensions; we take our inspiration from the world around us. Whether it is the random shapes of a Causeway block or the rich colours and absorbing patterns of a traditional brick wall, our installations reflect the wonder of life itself.
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Surfaceform Relief creating unique designs to suit your projects.

Surfaceform Relief Plaster varies as per the design of the piece and the scale of the project, the panels are individually designed and installed on-site by
Surfaceform. Please refer to our Relief Specification document above for substrate guidelines. The finish is installed on-site as late in the build as possible.
The surface finish can be decorated after fitting for a seamless look. Curved areas are possible for most of our designs. Contact us for further information.

Patterns illustrated are for guidance only.