• chamois polished plaster
  • white chamois plaster
  • chamois plaster for commercial use
  • grey chamois polished plaster
  • gold chamois polished plaster
  • business chamois plaster

Chamois Plaster

Chamois offers a gentle texture with a suede like feel due to the microfibres in the material. The unique characteristics of this plaster give it a visible natural shading, making it a soft elegant venetian plaster with a pressed matt effect, offering a sense of depth which is typical of this finish.
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Colour Swatch

We have an extensive range of colours for you to choose from or the ability to match any colour for a bespoke sample fee.


Patterns illustrated are for guidance only.
Due to differing monitors and their settings, the exact colours and shades may vary from those shown.
Please request a sample for accurate colour representation.