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Interior, lightweight, sustainable, and easy to install handmade decorative prefabricated plaster wall panels.

Modular Surfaceform are prefabricated internal modular wall panels. Manufactured off-site using a range of decorative finishes fixed onto either a FSC Birch plywood or fire protection backing boards.

Panels are supplied to site in crates for easy installation. Each panel can be fabricated to your required size. Standard panels are 2400mm by 1200mm with special orders of up to 3000M long. A 2mm gap is recommended between each Modular Surfaceform panel.

This system is ideal for fast track projects and ensures the highest quality can be achieved.

No special skills are required for installation.

Modular Internal Panels

Influenced by current trends, our designers have created 8 popular internal wall panel finishes as shown below.


Geometric pattern created using a luxurious polished and subtle textured plaster finish with a metal inlay. Numerous patterns can be created using this technique either for stand-alone pieces or larger surfaces when using multiple panels.

*Bespoke sizes are available.


Sunburst has been created using a low Relief metallic plaster in 1200mm by 1000mm panels. Ideal for art pieces or creating feature walls.

*Bespoke sizes are available.

Concrete Stone

Concrete Stone has been sprayed using a special textured concrete finish making it ideal for large or small spaces. This effect is suited for using in either commercial or domestic settings. This material is very cost effect and ideal for large spaces.


Bloc has been created using 300mm by 400mm panels. Panel’s depths varied from 25mm-75mm creating the stepped effect. Each individual Bloc has been hand crafted creating a unique concrete look. Mini Bronze Sunburst panels have been used to compliment the concrete.

* Bespoke panel sizes and thickness can vary depending on design requirements

Triangular Geometric

Triangular geometric panel created using contrasting organic smooth and textured plaster.

*Bespoke patterns and panels sizes are available.

Bolted Concrete

Bolted Concrete creates the effected of a shuttered concrete wall with realistic plug holes. A 2mm concrete plaster is applied onto a backing board.

*Bespoke panel sizes and thickness can vary as per you project requirements


Panel Installation

Modular Surfaceform panels are very easy and fast to install either using split batons or face fixings. Most panels can be cut onsite as needed.

Please contact us to discuss fitting for your project.


*Bespoke panels can be adapted to suit your project. Contact our team to discuss your requirements.