White Polished Plaster

Our line of white polished plaster wall finishes are the perfect way to finish an internal wall or ceiling. We first apply a primer and then one or more players of base coat to the ceiling or wall surface, and then apply a thin covering of white polished plaster.

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Marmorino Polished Plaster Walls

Because of the traditional Venetian plastering materials and techniques we use, the resulting surface looks dramatically different form a standard white plaster wall. Different finishes can be achieved at this point, giving the walls or ceilings an appearance reminiscent of marble, limestone or even travertine.

White polished plaster is often called ‘burnished plaster’ because of the traditional tools used to achieve the polished (burnished) surface. The sheen achieved is literally polished and can be glass-like, satiny or even metallic depending on your choice of additives and finish.

Lastly, we seal the plaster surface with a thin application of a waxing compound, this not only maintains the sheen of the wall or ceiling, it protects it from dirt, grime and staining of many kinds.

Why do you need white polished plaster walls or ceilings in your home, office or other space?

The advantages are fairly clear – a white polished plaster finish is lovely, extremely durable and very easy to care for. Not only is the surface effect absolutely beautiful, it is breathable. This makes it fast to dry, and resistant to moulds, fungus and mildew. This plastering technique was invented in warm, humid climates, and is perfectly suited to keeping your home or office dry, happy and healthy.

Advantages of white polished plaster

Better still, though, is the fact that this surface will never need painting. The pigment and sheen is all part of the plaster itself, and won’t fade, peel or crack.

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