Polished Plaster Walls

Also called ‘burnished plaster’, ‘Wall polished plaster’ is really ‘any type of polished plaster finish that isn’t ‘relief plaster’. It is a generally flat surface which is coated with between 1 and 3mm of plaster. Because this is traditional, all natural plaster made and applied the way master craftspeople have for many centuries, you know it will yield you a durable, beautiful and easy to care for surface that will last for years – quite possibly for generations.

Marmorino Polished Plaster Walls

It is not a type of wall, but a wall covering. Polished plaster can be applied to any wall material – brick or cinder block, wood, concrete, drywall/plasterboard, or even good old fashioned lath-and-plaster walls all look amazing with only a thin coating of wall polished plaster.


What are the advantages of using polished plaster walls?

You get all of the advantages of natural, traditional plaster. Typically used for interior walls, the plaster itself typically contains your choice of pigments, making this a surface that never needs to be painted.

It is extremely durable and easy to clean, and yet it is a breathable, mod proof and mildew resistant surface. Polished plaster surfaces are particularly useful in humid climates or in buildings which suffer from ‘rising damp’. In the same way that standard painted walls retain the moisture seeping up from the bricks or foundation, polished plaster walls allow the moisture to evaporate quickly, all without bubbling, cracking or forming unsightly deposits.

What different types of polished plaster wall finishes are available?

More than we could list here, to be fair. The plaster itself can be tinted to just about any colour you can imagine. Complex combinations and marbling are also possible by combining different tints, and metallic shimmers and sheens of various types can be achieved as well.

If you’d like to find out more about wall polished plaster finishes we’d love to have you contact us directly and describe the effect you’re looking for.