Grey Polished Plaster


Grey polished plaster is very similar to our white polished plaster. It is a traditional formulation of real plaster which can be applied to nearly any internal surface – walls and ceilings – after a primer and base coat have been put down. That means that any kind of internal surface can be converted to beautiful, enduring grey polished plaster. Brick, concrete, even gypsum board or wood.

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What sets our grey polished plaster apart is the fact that it has been compounded with a grey pigment before being applied. This results in a complex, seemingly deeply textured surface composed of numerous shades of grey and a slight metallic shimmer. The final result is reminiscent of marble or natural stone, but without the expense or practical drawbacks of those materials.

Grey polished plaster is known by several names, but one of the most common is ‘burnished plaster’ because of the burnishing technique used to achieve the dramatic, almost glasslike polished finish.

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Why do you need grey polished plaster finish for your walls or ceilings?

There are quite a few advantages to a grey polished plaster finish, or any of the other tones and colour/texture combinations we can offer. First and foremost, the surface is simply gorgeous. The look and feel cannot really be described, and pictures barely do it justice. This has been one of the sot sought-after finishing techniques for hundreds of years for this reason alone.

Almost as important, though, are its practical advantages. A polished plaster surface is incredibly durable, easy to clean, and resistant to minor damage and stains. Because the pigment is contained within the plaster itself, it never needs to be painted. The colour is all but eternal, and will last as long as the wall beneath it without cracking, peeling or fading to any noticeable degree.

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Grey polished plaster advantages

Better still, polished plaster is incredibly effective in damn or humid environs. It is a natural, porous surface. Any moisture within or drawn up from the bricks or foundation can simply evaporate away. It won’t cause paint to bubble, mould to form, or any kind of discolouration to occur.

If you’d like to see more of the grey polished plaster and other surfaces we can offer, you can view our range of grey plaster finished below. Otherwise, we’d love to hear from you directly! Just contact us and we’ll talk you through your next project, helping you choose the perfect finish and texture for your new walls and ceiling.

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Classic Polished Plaster

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Marmorino Polished Plaster

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Stucco Polished Plaster

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Concrete Polished Plaster

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Chamois Polished Plaster

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Pitted Plaster

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Dragged Plaster