Polished Plaster Colour Trends 2022

This Year we are ready for some Colour!

Colour is so important, it can influence the way we feel in our space and in business can strengthen brand identity.
This year we are showing how you can bring in the colour, combining Neutral Polished plaster tones with bolder brighter bursts of colour into your space.
Surfaceform Polished Plaster gives you the freedom of colour can  influence space, décor and furnishing create sleek and organic interior wall finishes, using materials such as Classic (Venetian), Stucco, Marmorino, Pitted and Dragged
Using our colour matching technology we can match to any RAL , Pantone, NCS, or a desired colour. To find out more about how we can help you choose polished plaster for your project why not get in touch with one of the team. 
We now have an updated Colour chart brochure, contact us at info@surfaceform to request a brochure now!