Conversations with Friends – Set Design

Surfaceform’s Polished Plaster takes the Screen 


Surfaceform provides a versatile experience to interior design.

Recently taken their Concrete polished plaster finishes to the screen. Surfaceform’s Concrete polished plaster wall finishes were used on the film set of the recent hit BBC tv series ‘Conversations with friends’ written by the great Irish author Sally Rooney.







Surfaceform’s master craftsmen, worked alongside award winning production designer Anna Rackard, took to the set within the Belfast Scene Dock studios to create this dark and moody apartment set.



We created a bespoke concrete semi polished plaster for this project. To create more depth we used a black undertone and a natural raw matt finish of aged finely filtered slaked lime putty with special powdered marble.

This particular finish becomes stronger with age and is naturally anti-mould with a low VOC content can be finished matt or with varied textured to create depth and movement.

Project: Conversations with Friends, film set

Designer: Anna Rackard

Finish: Bespoke Semi Polished Plaster