Surfaceform interiors available to sample on innovative architectural model kit

The innovative surfaces and inspirational interiors available from Surfaceform can now be sampled on an exciting building model kit taking the architectural and design world by storm.

ARCKIT, developed by Irish architect Damien Murtagh, has been described as ‘sophisticated lego’ that allows architects, designers and builders to physically explore designs and bring conceptual projects to life for client presentations.

The unique build platform uses a variety of interconnecting components that are completely modular, making it possible to create a wide range of scaled structures that can be used as working models to communicate ideas or finished projects.

An impressive feature of ARCKITs’ model building tool is its ability to allow the user to easily recreate physical model designs in CAD using pre-build CAD models of each of the ARCKIT components.

The surface textures available include materials supplied by real companies, such as Surfaceform who have four options from their Relief Plaster Textures available to sample.

The relief plaster surfaces from Surfaceform are a range of high quality, artistic relief wall seamless surface finishes intended for internal use only, in commercial or domestic buildings.

The surfaces are available for download from the ARCKITEXTURE library and can then be applied to a model.

Launched in the UK and Ireland over a year ago in May 2014, Arckit is set to go on sale in the States through Barnes and Noble this September.

Find out more about this ground breaking toolkit for architects & designers and Surfaceform’s collaboration with ARCKIT here.

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